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Offshore Blue Marlin Fishing Placer Bank/ Mona Island

Quick Details

Eight Hour Charter Up to 6 Passengers
Ten Hour Charter Up to 6 Passengers

Experience Majestic Blue Marlin Fishing in Puerto Rico near Mona Island

Explore exclusive offshore Blue Marlin fishing expedition near Placer Bank/Mona Island. This adventure offers the thrill of pursuing the elusive Blue Marlin, expert guidance in a pristine location, and luxury amenities aboard premier vessels, ensuring an unforgettable deep-sea fishing experience.

Blue Marlin Charters are specifically Designed to travel to the hot spot areas where these fish are caught. Fishing 30-40 miles offshore targeting Blue Marlin.

Peak Blue Marlin Fishing Season:

June-November with the best months of the migration being August-October. Average size Fish are between 150-250 pounds with 300-400 lb ones out there.  When fishing for Blue Marlin, there is always the possibility of catching White Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado. They all hang in offshore currents. There are resident Blue Marlin year round and randomly we catch them while targeting Dorado.